Blog: The Clearwater PR Offensive - 2019-11-09

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F376.png The Clearwater PR Offensive November 9, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Immediately following the revelations in the recent Tampa Bay Times article by Tracey McManus, scientology launched their version of a campaign to convince the citizens of Clearwater they are in fact good for the city.

They distributed Freedom magazines to people's doors in the dead of night to try to persuade them the reason downtown Clearwater looks like the set for the latest installment of the Night of The Living Dead movies is not because they bought it up and leave most of the properties empty or massively underutilized, it is because the big bad meanies at the Tampa Bay Times are religious bigots set on the destruction of mankind. That is classic scientology "PR tech."

And when there was backlash to that effort, they crashed on like proverbial china shop bulls with a stream of announcements promoting events by their front groups to try to garner some goodwill: