Blog: The Cult on Fog Island - 2019-01-30

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F376.png The Cult on Fog Island January 30, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Former RTC executive Mariette Lindstein has been forging an astonishingly successful career as a writer since leaving the Sea Org.

She and her husband, Dan Koon, are long time friends. I originally brought Mariette to the International Base to become WDC Scientology (over all Class 5 orgs). She has forgiven me for this. Dan and I shared a lot of time compiling the What Is Scientology? book and various other things and back when life was not completely insane at Gold we would sneak a game of golf during CSP time on Sunday mornings on the otherwise virtually unused Golden Era golf course.

Mariette has published a bestselling and highly acclaimed trilogy of novels in her native Sweden — and subsequently in various other countries.