Blog: The Danger of Niacin - 2015-09-19

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F376.png The Danger of Niacin September 19, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I note at the outset, I am not a chemist or biologist.

But I can read.

This post was prompted by the ongoing saga of Narconon's implosion and many recent comments that niacin can be dangerous. I didn't pay a lot of attention as the comments usually went along with noting that it can be dangerous to sit in the sauna for too long. And my view of that is Duh. Walking across the street is dangerous too. The claims for the wonders of the Purif may be typical scientology style hype, but the program itself seems generally benign and helpful. How can exercising, going in the sauna, sleeping well and taking vitamins harm anyone?