Blog: The Death of Heribert Pfaff II - 2013-07-30

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F0.png The Death of Heribert Pfaff II July 30, 2013, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

In a letter to German film-makers, Dr Klaus Ballin tried to explain his treatment of Heribert Pfaff. His patient had died from an epileptic fit after Ballin replaced his anti-convulsant medication with a Scientology-based treatment.

When a German documentary team investigated Scientology in 1997 they discovered a whole series of unexplained deaths at its Clearwater base, billed as the movement's centre of excellence.

Would Scientology really dare claim a cure for epilepsy? One of those who died was Heribert Pfaff. Aged just 31, he had succumbed to an epileptic fit in 1988 after having been weaned off his anti-convulsant medication by his Scientology doctor, Klaus Ballin.