Blog: The Enablers - 2010-01-01

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F0.png The Enablers January 1, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Enabling, in a negative sense, refers to actions which are intended to help a person with dysfunctional behavior, but in fact only serve to perpetuate the problem. For example, one attempts to "help" an alcoholic by buying them liquor, making excuses for them, or helping them hide their addiction.

The Church of Scientology is on a very self-destructive path, as is becoming more and more evident. Its addiction to power and money has perverted the Church to the point where it is unrecognizable to old timers. Instead of being encouraged to get up the Bridge, help others, or get involved in community activities, Scientologists are pressured to give more and more money to things like the IAS, the Superpower Building, and "Ideal" Orgs. These days, it's all about money and buildings.

Add to this the increasing reports of staff abuse and mistreatment, policy and tech alterations and violations, and outright lies, and you have a seriously dysfunctional organization that has nothing to do with the Aims of Scientology.