Blog: The End of Dissemination As We Know It - 2011-01-02

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F0.png The End of Dissemination As We Know It January 2, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I love the Rose Parade – it is one of my New Year's rituals. I grew up in Pasadena, and never missed the parade when I was a kid. My grandmother's house was a block from the parade route, so going down to see the parade was a much-anticipated family treat.

Well, imagine my thrill when I saw this breathless e-mail from Theresa Bloch at the Pasadena Org, replete with OMGs and multiple exclamation points:

"OMG!!! EXCITING NEWS!!!! We have just gotten the word that one of the sponsors of this years Rose Parade is: THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!! The IAS has funded the Church of Scientology as one of the sponsors of this year's Rose Parade on KTLA!! KTLA is THE station that has the contract for the Rose Parade and then is nationally syndicated from there. (You know, when they say, "Brought to you by Honda and... THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!") And the new ads will play, of course! This is amazing!!!"