Blog: The Ever Evolving Smear Campaign on Me - 2020-02-05

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F376.png The Ever Evolving Smear Campaign on Me February 5, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The latest from my daughter Taryn Teutsch...

Much of the same old stuff, but here is a new addition. The rendition of this story has evolved over the years, despite the fact the clear evidence contained in the Pinellas County Sheriff and EMT reports has not changed.

It began with claims that I "attacked" my ex-wife (when she and 6 others and 2 PI's) had followed me and approached me screaming obscenities, all the way to "permanent neuorological damage" to "I could hear the bones breaking" and now "gouged flesh pouring with blood". None of these things are reflected in the reports filed by the Sheriff's or EMT's. But this fish story has now reached world record proportions. The reality is they purchased a goldfish in a bowl and it has morphed into them landing the largest sailfish ever caught. The evidence is all contrary, but never mind that, it's a helpful story for their cause.