Blog: The Failed Inglewood "ideal org" Experiment - 2015-09-23

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F376.png The Failed Inglewood "ideal org" Experiment September 23, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well, I guess the great social experiment of bringing scientology to the "African American cultural epicenter" has failed.

Problem is that virtually everyone they could persuade to take services in this place are imports from other orgs and they repeatedly show their graduations and completions featuring a host of clearly non-locals from CC Int and elsewhere (see latest example below).

The strategy of opening Harlem and Inglewood took a HUGE hit with the death of Isaac Hayes. He was the impetus for these orgs even exiting in the first place as he repeatedly harangued Miscavige about the "all-white" ethos of scientology. Has Isaac still been around. there is a chance he might have interested this community in scientology because of HIS credibility. But with his passing, they are fresh out of any sort of credibility. What can they do, bring in Michael Roberts? Chill EB? They have as much credibility in African American circles as Kirstie Alley does in middle America these days. Only those over 50 who might recall her on Cheers may have any sort of favorable impression of her, though most have now seen her subsequent antics and write her off as a buffoon.