Blog: The Fallacy of Exchange in Scientology - 2017-04-29

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F376.png The Fallacy of Exchange in Scientology April 29, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Ron Hubbard's theory of exchange is not only a central component of Scientology financial policy but is a pervasive consideration in just about every aspect of a Scientologist's life. Members are taught early-on that being "in-exchange," is imperative. That what they give must be commensurate with what they receive. Giving more than one receives—"exchange in abundance"—is even better. Giving less than one receives—"out-exchange"—is an overt—a misdeed, a moral transgression, a lapse in judgement. And likely to land one in Ethics.

Being "out-exchange" for Scientologists is that from which nightmares are made. LRH said being out-exchange pulls in the bank and can make one sick.