Blog: The Fatal Flaws of Scientology TV - 2019-05-27

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F0.png The Fatal Flaws of Scientology TV May 27, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientology TV

Among the fatal flaws of Scientology TV is that it never once mentions or discusses the actual financial costs of Scientology. Our friend Aaron Smith-Levin just did a tweet that shows actual parishioner statements with real dollar costs:

Look at these two invoices showing the prices for Scientology auditing at their largest facility in Clearwater, FL. Members pay up to $800 per hour for 1-on-1 auditing sessions. All this is fully tax-exempt revenue. (An "intensive" = 12.5 hrs of auditing).— Aaron Smith-Levin (@GrowingupinSCN) May 25, 2019