Blog: The Flag OT Farce - 2016-08-09

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F376.png The Flag OT Farce August 9, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Been busy, so just a bit of a throw-away today. Was just sent the latest edition of the Flag "OT Committee" newsletter (though it contains little "news," mostly rah-rah imploring people to do something).

Clearly their delusions of grandeur are reinforced each year by the "Maiden" Voyage events. Bubbles Champagne and her team returned fully replenished with hype.

This mightiest of mighty forces has yet to see a done on Miami, Orlando or Puerto Rico ideal org — let alone Tampa org's CF.... This after a dozen or more "Maiden" voyage celebrations and returning with newfound enthusiasm to git er done. I guess the Force just isn't what it used to be. In light of the mightiest civilizing influence on earth, planetary clearing happening at lightning speed, OT's being turned out at a higher velocity than ever who can control the universe and postulate anything into existence, the successful gypsy cabaret just doesn't seem to be the right "orders of magnitude" (oh, that is OT IX, no wonder....)