Blog: The Freewinds: Hazardous to Your Health? - 2009-08-15

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F0.png The Freewinds: Hazardous to Your Health? August 15, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Here's another news item culled from the recent Freedom Magazine:

"In 2008, to celebrate her 20th anniversary, the Freewinds underwent the largest refit in her history. Far more than a cosmetic upgrade, the ship was stripped from stem to stern, below the water line to the top of her stacks, covering all six decks."

Here's what they don't tell you: The Freewinds, ever since its construction, has been contaminated with blue asbestos. Blue asbestos is the most hazardous form of asbestos, and is a major cause of mesothelioma, an incurable form of cancer which can develop in the lining of the lungs and chest cavity. Until the 1960s, when the Freewinds was built, blue asbestos was often used in shipbuilding, as it was not known at the time to be carcinogenic.