Blog: The Fundraising Steamroller - 2014-11-24

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F376.png The Fundraising Steamroller November 24, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The evening of the "grand opening" of the "ideal" CLO EU they held a fundraiser. The crush for cash NEVER takes a break. It flattens all other factors in its path.

Nothing is more important than squeezing some more cash out of the sheeple. Cannot have a day to "celebrate" — nope, it becomes another excuse to round everyone up to hand over more.

And a Sea Org "honor guard" for the whales? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Sea Org now forms "honor guards" for people based on their "donations". In the pantheon when of weird scientology insults to Sea Org members, this is on a par with Miscavige announcing Tom Cruise as "the most dedicated Scientologist I know." These SO Honor Guards had always been reserved exclusively for Sea Org accomplishments.