Blog: The Golden Age of Fundraising - 2014-04-01

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F376.png The Golden Age of Fundraising April 1, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I think this guy may already have attended Laurie Websters special course on how to fundraise (as opposed to reg).

His letter is chockablock with cookie-cutter "save the whales/children/environment/old people" fundraising promotion that appears to have been taken from some sort of fill-in-your-name-here text. If you cannot be bothered reading the whole thing, at least go to the last page. If you just want to see some of the highlights, look at the sections circled in red....

And just as a note, the furniture they are to purchase is dictated to them. They are not making "bulk purchases" — they just pay whatever exorbitant amount the Int Landlord office tells them is required if their planning ever gets approved.