Blog: The Greatest Event Ever - Til The Next One - 2014-12-09

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F376.png The Greatest Event Ever - Til The Next One December 9, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well, this should be interesting.

The largest scientology community on earth is getting going early on the hard sell to show up to see the David Miscavige show live. I hope someone in LA will sacrifice themselves for 3 hours of pain so we get a report on the attendance and activities. It will be VERY telling how full the Shrine is. If they cannot round up 6300 people from all over California, including all the Sea Org staff and all those ideal orgs, it would be a VERY poor show.

In fact, according to the hype, they are coming from all over the world. I guess they ALREADY know they cannot get 6300 people together in LA from the largest scientology third dynamic on earth!(r).