Blog: The Hardest Working Man in the Independent Movement - 2011-02-14

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F0.png The Hardest Working Man in the Independent Movement February 14, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I sometimes refer to Steve Hall as the hardest working man in the Independent Movement. He has probably dedicated more time and energy to forwarding our ideas than anyone I am aware of and has been the most effective. Just as important for me personally, when I surfaced publicly I found he had already been working along the same line I had announced I would be. Steve completed his NOTs Rundowns during Hurricane week at Casablanca. We had an opportunity to catch up and reflect on the early days of Indpendence, where we have come, and where we are going. A video capturing some of that is below. Steve also green lighted the publication of his NOTs success story and it follows the video.

Wow!, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow x 10. This has been a long time coming — well, getting onto my next action was a long time coming — specifically counter-intentioned by David Miscavige. But only weeks after I disconnected from his organizations and him and spoke out — I found myself by total surprise starting my indoc for NOTs.

I first read about NOTs in 1979 — when I visited Austin Org and read LRH ED "The Year of Technical Breakthroughs." I had heard about the wins and gosh...hoped one day I might be so lucky to experience them for myself if Scientology were really true. You see I was still new to the subject then so my postulates were still mixed with a tinge of hope — hoping it all wasn't "too good to be true."