Blog: The Horrors Of Wordclearing - 2016-07-27

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F376.png The Horrors Of Wordclearing July 27, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Another in the series of essays from Terra Cognita. See earlier posts: Why Scientologists Don't FSM, Respect, The Survival Rundown - The Latest Scam, Communication in Scientology... Or Not, Am I Still A Thetan?, To Be Or Not To Be, An Evaluation of Scientology, Fear: That Which Drives Scientology and Justification and Rationalization.

The Horrors of Word Clearing

Word clearing—defining words—is big in Scientology. Really, really big. LRH emphasized word clearing repeatedly. One small misunderstood word—commonly abbreviated as "MU"—could have disastrous results. Every word in an auditing session had to be cleared and fully understood before auditor and PC could continue. From the smallest preposition to the most obscure multi-syllable word, all had to be cleared.