Blog: The Hype Is Going Into Hyperdrive! - 2013-07-02

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F376.png The Hype Is Going Into Hyperdrive! July 2, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The PR machine has lifted off, straight up and vertical, in a historic display of amazing adjectives and state-of-the-art hyperbole that is 5 times the level experienced since the Wake Up Call. Then again, and all things previously mentioned pulled together into a cohesive whole, if you thought that was impressive, it was just the launching pad for a planetary assault of verbiage that dwarfs all else that has come before and when I say you cannot imagine the glories of PR puffery that are about to be unleashed I am not talking metaphorically.

From: Clive Rabey - D/CO Flag AO <> Date: Sat, Jun 29 Subject: The Big Push - Your action needed To:

Dear Mary,