Blog: The IAS COVID-19 Pitch - 2020-04-14

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F376.png The IAS COVID-19 Pitch April 14, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I was waiting for the latest IAS chapter of disaster capitalism, and once again they have not disappointed. You can always count on the IAS Regges to use a disaster to try to cash in.

Here is IAS Hall of Famer Freddy Hunkeler doing what IAS Regges do best: Highlighting how terrible things are and that if you just hand over your cash to the IAS you will be "making a difference." Actually the ONLY thing you will accomplish is to increase Freddy's stats. Absolutely nothing else. The IAS is doing nothing to "help bring sanity and calm to our environment." The extent I& their accomplishments is to take credit for any photo ops the Volunteer Ministers can pull off, but you will notice the VM's beg for donations to make their handing out of hygiene supplies possible.

These people have no shame.