Blog: The IAS Makes Us Big Beings - 2015-08-01

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F376.png The IAS Makes Us Big Beings August 1, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Big Being concept is spreading. More and more people are trying to shoehorn in on the exclusive club reserved for COB and Mr. Cruise.

I wonder if the IAS is telling people that giving them money makes them "Big Beings", like giving money for ideal org buildings makes you a "humanitarian"? Seems like this is a good possibility.

Sooner or later the IAS can do away with scientology altogether. They don't really need it — you can get all the case gain and OTness and become a Big Being just by giving them money. No need to be bothered with any "bridge" or redoing the bridge or buying endless packages of books and lectures. They are all just unnecessary vias. And they are costly too. No outlay whatsoever required to rocket people up to Big Beingness in the IAS. Maybe COB could announce it with an Epic, Monumental, Milestone confidential briefing — the new Golden Age of Streamlined Progress (GASP) where EVERY single arbitrary has been removed and progress to full attainment of true spiritual enlightenment now has NO barriers. Nothing to learn. No time wasted with arbitrary "bridge steps" that were NOT what LRH intended. No MEST interjected to block the flows — like books or those endless boxes of lectures that were entered in as a total arbitrary by some SP typist. No, it is now a straight shot to Big Beingness. All you need is a checkbook and a the desire to hand over everything you own to free yourself from the traps of the MEST Universe.