Blog: The IAS Scam Keeps Rolling Along - 2013-03-29

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F376.png The IAS Scam Keeps Rolling Along March 29, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Church of Scientology's Fraser Mansion has been opened twice by David Miscavige, each time as a "New" church.

Here is some of the latest IAS trickery brought to you by full time IAS "fundraiser" Kathy Feshbach.

First up – the "National Church of Scientology" as in the old DC org building (Fraser Mansion). This become the "Div 6" when the new DC Ideal Org building was purchased, but has apparently been repurposed as the "new National Affairs Office" with a "Grand Opening" conducted by none other than the Donald Trump of religious real estate investing, David Miscavige.