Blog: The IAS Superheroes - 2015-01-09

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F376.png The IAS Superheroes January 9, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It is getting to be an incredible joke what the IAS is willing to claim responsibility for. They are taking on comic book superhero status in the scientology bubble, though they are bloated as a result of not DOING anything meaningful.

Though they really do virtually NOTHING other than buy buildings as directed by Miscavige, and invest a bit of money to shoot videos they can use for fundraising, they work overtime to create the impression that they are "responsible" for everything.

If there is something done by CCHR — that is the IAS. Same with Way To Happiness. Drug Education. Youth For Human Rights. Education programs. Volunteer Ministers. Org. Missions. Groups etc etc etc