Blog: The Ideal Org Trickle Down - 2013-03-22

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F376.png The Ideal Org Trickle Down March 22, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Today in Radical Corporate Scientology, the modus operandi is "do what I do, not what I say (or what LRH says)". "Command Intention" trumps everything — policy, tech, common sense and common decency.

Which is why fundraising has become the primary activity in the Scientology world. Ideal Orgs. Super Power Building. IAS. Library Campaign. Planetary Dissemination. Psychbusting. The list goes on, in the face of specific and repeated policy forbidding it.

As a result, now you see prominent "OT Committee" members following the "Ideal Org" pattern to raise funds for their local "community group." Not real surprise, after all, the "OT Ambassadors" are Miscavige's "boots on the ground" in his war on bank accounts. So, he sends them off to get money for "Ideal Orgs" with the threat that he will only release OT IX and X when there is a new multi-million dollar palace for all orgs on earth. And as every stone in sight has been sucked dry seeking even a single drop of blood, the techniques have become increasingly bizarre in inverse proportion to their desperation. You can find the bizarre dress up games and exploits of the Ideal Org fundraisers all over the internet.