Blog: The Infamous NYC Stress Test - 2014-04-27

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F376.png The Infamous NYC Stress Test April 27, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A quick report from a Special Correspondent in the home of the "ideal" New York org (and of course the invisible CCNY and the imaginary Harlem ideal org, and the non existent Missions). This is where the infamous "stress test" began — pushed into a fad by Angie Blankenship when she and Jenny Linson were sent by Miscavige to "expand the org" so the ideal building could open — 10 years ago now. And yes, he spoke to them on the phone AT LEAST ONCE EVERY DAY and sent them long, rambling written orders every day too. Warren McShane and Allen Cartwright perjurious deposition testimony notwithstanding.

Pretty sorry state of affairs. And these criminals are not using a Warehouse 8, so of course they are 50,000X less effective than they otherwise would be....

I guess the ideal org cannot afford the latest in technical advances to ensure they are delivering "standard tech." They probably got these 4 meters as hand-me-downs when Rich and Karen Beatty bought their 2 Warehouse 8's (each).