Blog: The Inhumanity of Scientology - 2019-09-30

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F376.png The Inhumanity of Scientology September 30, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Sadly, too many people pass away without the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. Those who die in tragic accidents or without warning. Others in other cities or countries that make it logistically impossible for a final face-to-face meeting. Some are estranged for whatever reason and don't reach out to them, even when they often regret it as they take their final breaths and it has become too late.

Then there are those who have had their familial relationships sundered by their beliefs — that it will be spiritually harmful to associate with "non-believers" or those who have been cast out.

And finally, there are those who are victims of scientology's vindictive and unrepentant efforts to destroy those who speak out against its abuses. And this leads to deaths of family members with no opportunity to reconcile, but even beyond that, a legacy of hatred in words and videos that are intended to live on as hurtful reminders forever.