Blog: The International Association of Scams - 2013-05-27

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F376.png The International Association of Scams May 27, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is some update information about the activities of the International Association of Scams. Now you too can get one of those neato IAS jackets, portfolios or messenger bags to make your outfit complete.

Note the "quote" that is used here without attribution: "The single most dauntless, defiant and resolute group this world has ever seen". Dear Leader is going to be raising hell about that...

It is interesting that orgs now have "targets" for the IAS and "targets" for "Ideal Org fundraising" — I wonder if they have any targets for auditors made or releases? Probably the only "target" that isnt money is number of people sent to Flag for GAT II training....