Blog: The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy - 2011-07-13

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F0.png The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy July 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

As Sinar Parman has several times noted, Danny Sherman (who is supposed to be writing the L Ron Hubbard biography, but instead has acted as DM's personal public relations hack full time for twenty years) has carefully omitted from David Miscavige's puff biographies an interesting bit of history.

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment. Well, as Miscavige likes to say about others, Miscavige has gone back to native state.

First, one of the only two Maiden Voyage 2011 events that Miscavige spoke at this year on the Freewinds was largely consumed by Miscavige Joking and Degrading about the Joker and Degrader events local orgs are carrying out across the world. Those events of course are designed to push public out of valence and overwhelmed to the point they tap out their 401ks or 2nd mortgage their homes for a Idle Org status. We've posted about some of them - talent contests, out of valence hysteria whippings up in pirate garb, Top Gun garb, etc. One might have thought Miscavige would rein in such activity with the exposure it has gotten here. No, it turns out he was the author of it in the first place, and spends the better part of an entire event aboard the Freewinds joking and degrading about it...and giggling (a giggle horrifyingly similar to that of Jim Jones just prior to the Jonestown massacre).