Blog: The King of the Squirrels - 2011-04-16

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F0.png The King of the Squirrels April 16, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

With all the talk of squirrels this past week, let us focus for a moment on the undisputed King of Squirrels, David Miscavige.

Since he is also the indisputable "Ecclesiastical Leader" of the "churches of Scientology" let us be very clear about the basis for anointing him with this King of the Squirrels title. The earlier beginning to my having even gotten into this terrain, was a controversial comment of mine to the effect that folk promoting their skype auditing, and long-distance internet NOTs supervision was, in my view, squirrel. That evaluation was predicated on the idea that the interposition of mest forms of electronics between a pre clear and an auditor is a grotesque perversion of the original formula that makes auditing work:

Auditor plus pre clear is greater than bank.