Blog: The LA Presser 3: Laura DeCrescenzo's Speech - 2010-03-12

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F0.png The LA Presser 3: Laura DeCrescenzo's Speech March 12, 2010, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

Laura Decrescenzo described how she was recruited into the Sea Org at just 12 years old - and how when she fell pregnant aged 17 she was pressured to have an abortion.

Laura DeCrescenzo was actually born into Scientology: she did her first Scientology course at the age of six or seven, and as a nine-year-old she was working in one of the movement's centres in New Mexico.

From age nine to 12 she was working up to 40 hours a week - and "getting paid peanuts". Then, aged just 12, she signed the Sea Org, the organisation's elite cadre, for its most dedicated members.