Blog: The LRH Hall of Mirrors - 2020-06-21

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F376.png The LRH Hall of Mirrors June 21, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They're still trying collect money for this hall, perhaps the greatest boondoggle in scientology history — and that is saying something.

They can't even fill Ruth Eckerd Hall. And they want to build an even larger facility. For what? One event on Hubbard's birthday each year? Or perhaps they will move NY's, and IAS to this facility too and they will have 3 events a year (and the attendance will dwindle even further as the novelty of a single event each year will wear off fast). Even 3 events a year is no reason to build an "event hall."

Literally, they have come up with a phony excuse to collect money for something that is even less needed than buildings for ideal orgs. And likely will never be built.