Blog: The Lions Roar in South Africa - 2013-10-25

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F376.png The Lions Roar in South Africa October 25, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You have heard rumblings over the last year of dissent in the ranks of the faithful in South Africa.

A number of prominent figures have become fed up with the abuses and constant begging for money. Meanwhile the orgs are clearly going nowhere. We have had reports from correspondents in South Africa about the dismal state of Joburg Org and then the flop that was Pretoria "Ideal Org" and the empty Kyalami Castle "the home of the new AO" and much more. There are plenty of commenters on this and other blogs from South Africa, some of whom are known and some remain pseudonymous to protect their families. Many from South Africa have been in touch with me on back-channels.

It was predictable that there would be big news coming out of South Africa.