Blog: The Literary Forgeries & Stolen Valor of L. Ron Hubbard - 2016-05-17

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F0.png The Literary Forgeries & Stolen Valor of L. Ron Hubbard May 17, 2016, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

L. Ron Hubbard's Stolen Valor: Fake WWII Combat Medals

Literary Forgery & Stolen Valor: L. Ron Hubbard falsely claimed that he had won two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and 19 other combat medals in WWII. The fact is that L. Ron Hubbard never served one day in combat, never fought in combat, and was most certainly never wounded in combat.

The truth: Hubbard's US Navy service record shows that he never received Purple Hearts or a Bronze Star. L. Ron Hubbard worked as a self-employed typewriter jockey cranking out pulp fiction for a penny a word until he went active duty US Navy on 22 Sept 1941. Then 32 years of age, Hubbard received a commission as a lieutenant jg and did not go through Officer's Training School or any type of combat or weapons training. In particular, Hubbard had no amphibious warfare or jungle survival training. Hubbard's first job on active duty was to review and annotate the hydrographic surveys of Puget Sound he had sent to the US Navy ten years earlier. Hubbard was not a combat soldier and had no special background training, no special skills, and only spoke English.