Blog: The March 13 Event Was A Total Bust - 2014-05-21

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F376.png The March 13 Event Was A Total Bust May 21, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The "March 13" edition of the International Scientology Nonsense (ISN) has just arrived in mailboxes everywhere. A bit tardy, but one could understand: 146 glossy, 4 color pages of Shermanspeak stream of consciousness is a bit of a task to put together. Though all it does is repeat the contents of the March 13 Event held at the Ruth Eckerd Hall (after 20 years, one would assume that the straight up and vertical expansion would have outgrown Ruth Eckerd Hall that only holds 2300 people...)

Of course, reduced to the written page this stuff sounds even stupider than when it is accompanied by loud crashes, music and CGI images. Unfortunately you also have a bit of time for the inane statements to sink in.

As a first obvious question: Why wouldn't they take the event and simply put it on the internet or send out DVDs of it to everyone (a DVD IS glued to the back of the magazine "In their own words... A brand new world of wins from the Golden Age of Tech Phase II") rather than the astonishing expense of printing and mailing a magazine of this size — let alone any concern for the destruction of the 6th dynamic. Of course, there are two reasons for this: 1. POLICY says to send out "magazines" and so that is what they do. It's amazing they have moved on from mimeograph machines to photocopiers.... 2. More importantly, Miscavige does not want images of himself to be available on the internet as if there is one thing he hates more than anything in the whole world it is being ridiculed by lowlife, unemployed, DB bloggers on the fringes of the internet. So, he will spend millions of dollars to convert his million dollar audio/visual extravaganzas into good old fashioned pulped tree style magazines.