Blog: The Meaning Of Life and Life Orientation - 2012-05-01

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F0.png The Meaning Of Life and Life Orientation May 1, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

There are a number of ways in which David Miscavige has reversed L Ron Hubbard technology for purposes of creation of stupidity and tractability. I was reminded of another example while reading a section of Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning. The Scientology Life Orientation course was designed by Hubbard to help people sort out the meaning of their individual lives - or as he put it to find his or her 'hat' (function) in life. Miscavige of course could not leave simple and workable alone and interjected arbitraries with resultant recalls (retreads in Scientology terminology) and a mass of confusions for students. Miscavige insisted that a person decide upon the post title he was currently assigned to as his function in life (which really equates to the purpose or the meaning of a person's life), then canceled that with another arbitrary, then re-implemented the "post is hat in life" arbitrary - and who knows what else since. With the perpetual 'musical chairs' Miscavige plays with personnel - very few staff ever staying on any particular post for long - one can imagine the mental, emotional and spiritual havoc his arbitraries have wreaked upon many.

Irony of ironies, a psychiatrist gets what David Miscavige apparently won't get. Further, Viktor Frankl so much gets it, I think the following passage from Man's Search for Meaning serves to effectively repair the Black Dianetics reversal Miscavige has implemented.