Blog: The Middle Class Threatens Scientology - 2019-11-19

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F376.png The Middle Class Threatens Scientology November 19, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is some more wisdom from "Ron".

He wrote a whole treatise about being "PTS to the Middle Class". These "middle-class values" are "MEST oriented" and cause people to NOT want to give money to scientology but rather to buy a house or a car or go to college. These are not worthwhile pursuits of course because they detract from one's dedication to scientology.

That middle class is defined by him in draconian terms: they love a "cop America" and to "keep the down-and-outer out and down." They are all around evil (though scientology relies on them in large part for its survival). It makes you wonder what "Class" Hubbard thinks IS acceptable?