Blog: The Miscavige Birthday Game - 2013-03-30

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F376.png The Miscavige Birthday Game March 30, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Today it seems more likely that those no longer in the church will recall the actual "LRH Birthday Game" than those who have suffered through years of David Miscavige's propaganda by redefinition of terms.

Described in LRHED 339R and 339R-1 the real Birthday Game address the subject of the "gift" LRH wanted for his birthday from Scientology org staff. It was specifically NOT MEST. Addressed to staff, he talked about expanding production across all Divisions and even doing programs to accomplish this in each Department. He made an important point that staff should be well paid and this was one of the results of achieving St Hill size which is the ultimate objective of the game. And the other result of that of course was the Universe Corps that would be sent to all St Hill size orgs to move the staff through Clear and the OT Levels.

Nowadays, in the name of the "LRH Birthday Game" and even using some selected LRH quotes, David Miscavige and his band of squirrel managers have utterly subverted the entire subject. The "LRH Birthday Game" is now the "Miscavige Birthday Game".