Blog: The Missing St Hill Size Orgs - 2016-03-15

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F376.png The Missing St Hill Size Orgs March 15, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Captain Miscavige presents the last org to be awarded SH Size — Joburg Day, March 2005

In March 1982, with great fanfare, L. Ron Hubbard issued a "game" to all scientology orgs. They were to 5.4X their stats and "achieve the size of old St Hill." When this was accomplished, Hubbard promised the staff would not only be well paid, "International Management" would send them a "Universe Corps" team so all staff could "go OT" in their local org. This was a really big deal — these were the "buttons" of staff. It was impossible to live as a staff member without additional income and it was even more impossible to save enough money to travel to an AO and partake in OT levels. Life as a staff member in a scientology organization was a bleak proposition. Poverty and no hope of going up the Bridge. Here was a solution, all they had to do (according to Hubbard) was to get "on purpose" and "think big" and all would be well.

Management (it still existed at the time) pored through old files and determined "the size of old St Hill." It was initially issued as 200 full time students in the Academy, 1000 WDAHs per week and Gross Income of $100,000 (and other stats considered to be commensurate with achieving those quotas). There were other versions of the quotas at different times, but this is generally the range considered to be "SH Size."