Blog: The New Ethics: Declaring the Independent - 2009-11-04

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F0.png The New Ethics: Declaring the Independent November 4, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

As might be predicted, once Sherry Katz, New OTVIII, had published her Knowledge Report about Tech and Policy violations by the current Church of Scientology management, they were quick to issue a Suppressive Person Declare on her, and send it to all of her friends.

The declare was sent by e-mail all around Los Angeles and forwarded to other areas. One isn't even supposed to send KRs by email, let alone an SP Declare, but someone goofed and it went out. And it has backfired. OSA Int has tried to "pull it back" stating that it was never meant to be BPI and that they are "issuing a new "official" one." Oops. Too late. Sherry already had copies of the declare in hand, forwarded to her by a number of her friends.

Our support goes out to Sherry. It is not easy being the target of one of these issues, particularly as they are normally, these days, filled with half-truths, innuendo and generalities.