Blog: The New Miscavige Birthday Game! - 2013-04-21

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F376.png The New Miscavige Birthday Game! April 21, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Remember when the LRH Birthday Game was about giving LRH the birthday gift he wanted? Org Expansion...

Well, like a lot of other things in Miscavige Corporate Scientology, there's a new sheriff in town and the organization is being modeled in his image. Of course, there is no grand announcement that "the old birthday game is no more" it's more subtle. Like "Command Intention" morphed from "LRH intention" to "COB intention" and Miscavige gradually assumed the role of "finder of lost tech" to "refiner of tech" to "improver of tech" to "inventor of tech." The old Birthday Game has been vanishing from view. "St Hill Size Orgs" is "old terminology", the Universe Corps is but a fond memory. Today, Ideal Orgs are everything.

And this new promo piece is taking the next step into the full evolution into the David Miscavige Birthday Game. And that means it's now about what he wants for his birthday on 30 April. And that means MONEY!!