Blog: The Non Religious Moral Code - 2019-11-04

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F376.png The Non Religious Moral Code November 4, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is an odd one.

But it's another example of the falsehoods pushed out by scientology on a routine basis.

Scientology tells people the Way to Happiness is "non-religious" - the book doesn't even have Hubbard's name on it except in tiny print on the back. It is something used to gain footholds in society and the theory (like with Hubbard's fiction) is that when people find something good or enjoyable about it, they then discover what else Hubbard has written and want to read that. No matter what the PR statements, the ultimate objective is always the same. Get more people using Hubbard's "tech" and this will results in achieving "planetary clearing."