Blog: The OTC Security Hammer Is Dropping - 2014-04-17

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F376.png The OTC Security Hammer Is Dropping April 17, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Apparently hushmail didnt solve the problem, so now they have a new message right at the top of the OTC minutes:

Note: The minutes are for the sole use of Valley OTC members. All members receive a copy. Please do not forward the minutes to anyone else for any reason.

Apparently there are all sorts of measures being taken to try to stem the flow of information outside the bubble. One might ask why that is of such concern. Of course it is merely information they WANT to impart to the "OTC members" — if it is true, how could it be so damaging? But that is like asking why if you are opening a building that you hope to get new people to come into, don't you allow them to the opening?