Blog: The Only One - 2010-10-21

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F0.png The Only One October 21, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I don't usually go to the official Church of Scientology website – why give them the stat? But after Karen pointed out that Tommy Davis has disappeared from all Church websites, I got curious (and let's hope Tommy resurfaces outside the razor wire).

Sure enough, Tommy isn't there. But guess what? Neither is anyone else. There is only one name of one real person on that entire site – you guessed it, David Miscavige.

Funny, they say they have "millions" of members, and "thousands" of staff and Sea Org Members. Too bad that none of them have actual names. And since they have a "Chairman of the Board" one might assume they have a "Board." Well, none of them have names either, apparently.