Blog: The Paris Terror Attacks & Scientology Disaster Capitalism - 2015-11-18

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F0.png The Paris Terror Attacks & Scientology Disaster Capitalism November 18, 2015, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientology Sea Org Captain David Miscavige in his Scientology War Room

The Church of Scientology has many cynical ways of making money. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Scientology is now attempting to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in France by selling a particular piece of its literature at obscene profit margins. Further, Scientology plans to send its notorious Volunteer Ministers into France in an attempt to recruit traumatized and vulnerable people into joining Scientology and handing over large sums of money to pay for super-expensive Scientology services.

This is disaster capitalism at its worst. Moreover, this pattern has been repeated over and over by the Church of Scientology following natural disasters, mass shootings, and other terror attacks. Scientology preys upon the vulnerable when horrific things occur.