Blog: The Phoenix Org Is NOT Rising - 2013-05-06

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F376.png The Phoenix Org Is NOT Rising May 6, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a report of a very recent visit to Scientology Phoenix Org by someone I knew in the CMO and SO. Frankly, he gives them a lot more benefit of the doubt than I may have, but still, if this is an Ideal Org and this is how David Miscavige plans to "clear the planet" the proverbial snowball in hell is great odds by comparison. Mike Rinder

Personally wanting to see what an ideal org looks like, I decided to visit Phoenix org. I haven't been in an org since leaving the CMO and the SO in 1990, before the conception of the ideal org campaign. Back then, the push was St. Hill Size. Period. Having watched the evolution of defectors, along with the subsequent blogs and media coverage, I've been curious to see the expansion, or lack thereof, myself. Obviously, visiting one org may or may not be indicative of the whole, but, it is a start.

As for my visit to Phx org, let me start off by saying this: the ONLY thing I found to be close to ideal is the building itself. And, even there exists a departure from the ideal scene: HCO is in a different building from the rest of the org. Now, maybe that's not a huge deal, but my thought on this is: if you're going to spend a boatload of parishioner's money on what should be ideal, shouldn't you find a building that is truly ideal? It would be one thing if every other aspect of the building (location, visibility, etc) were ideal and that was the only departure, but that's not the case.