Blog: The Psychosis of David Miscavige - 2010-11-24

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F0.png The Psychosis of David Miscavige November 24, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

For those who have not lived and worked around David Miscavige, it is sometimes hard to believe the magnitude of Miscavige's psychosis. The following Blackberry message threads between Miscavige and "Lou" (Miscavige's Communicator) on one side and Tommy Davis and Mike Rinder on the other end of the line gives a taste of what it's like within the bizarre, insane world of Miscavige.

First, realize that Lou types Blackberry messages (dictation style as Miscavige dictates) and puts them in her own name so as to cover Miscavige's ass (the same policy applies to despatches). You will see in later messages we post that Lou sometimes pendulum swings between first and third person when referring to Miscavige when she is frantically trying to keep up with his dictation.

The first thread below starts at 8:35 Miscavige's time and ends at 8:40 Miscavige's time. In it, he addresses Tommy severely denigrating Mike Rinder who at the time is in the same physical location as Tommy and is actually cc'd on the messages. CICS means Counter Intentioned Cock Sucker. Mfing means Mother Fucking.