Blog: The Quest: Quixotian or Gandhian? - 2013-04-29

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F0.png The Quest: Quixotian or Gandhian? April 29, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

On his 'Dean of Technology' course titled Class VIII, L. Ron Hubbard advises that the ultimate state of consciousness attainable in Scientology (dubbed OT, for Operating Thetan) is simple. The state is attained when the individual no longer carries any lies with him. An individual is as OT as he doesn't walk about with lies.

So it is with Scientology itself. As a subject it contains a wonderful body of technology for helping to strip a person of the lies through which he filters the universe around him. The biggest problem with broad dissemination and application of that technology is its self-imposed prohibition on differentiating that technology from the broader body of Scientology work that is chock-full of lies.

Because of the religious cloak with which L. Ron Hubbard chose to enwrap Scientology, the discernment of truth from lies within Scientology is not an easy task. L. Ron Hubbard wrote a large body of doctrine satanizing anyone who attempts to look at his body of work in a critical fashion. In fact, the very term 'criticism' – at least when directed toward Hubbard or Scientology - has been solidly re-defined in Scientology to be the activity of only sociopaths and criminals.