Blog: The RPF: What are the Facts? - 2009-10-04

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F0.png The RPF: What are the Facts? October 4, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

We got into a bit of a discussion last week on the RPF, and someone calling themselves "Surprised" posted a comment saying, "any RPF people I ever ran into, in LA and elsewhere, were always very carefree, I saw them smiling, they looked healthy and not stressed at all, and often sang, or told jokes or stories when working."

This got me thinking. Is this the way most Scientology public view the RPF? As a bunch of carefree, singing people, happily "rehabilitating" themselves?

Well, certainly, the Church would like that to be the perception. According to their website, the RPF is "a second chance" for "Sea Org staff members who would otherwise be subject to dismissal for serious and/or continuous ecclesiastical violations"– an opportunity to experience "complete rehabilitation" for "personnel burn out." Sea Org members who have gone through the program, we are told, "attest to its enormous personal benefit, and express their appreciation for being able to avail themselves of redemption as opposed to dismissal."