Blog: The Relatively Painless SP Declare - 2012-08-13

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F0.png The Relatively Painless SP Declare August 13, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

You might be interested in getting yourself declared (excommunicated) by Scientology Inc. in a rapid, efficient and relatively painless fashion. All you need to do is associate with me. A number of people have achieved the instant-declared status by simply being seen communicating with me or by being found to be posting on this blog.

The advantages of the instant, causative declare stem from the fact that when you ride with me nobody in the church messes with you. You won't have family members recruited to act as covert spies for Scientology Inc. You won't have confidential confessional information used by family and friends to push your buttons so as to convince you to change your mind. You won't have the 'this is your life' missions sent using family and friends (starting with the highest of 'affinity' of course) to subject you to lengthy invalidation and evaluation sessions accentuated with heavy doses of doomsday scenario scare tactics.

If you choose this route, of course your friends, family and associates affiliated with corporate Scientology will disconnect from you. They will be plied with all manner of exaggerated and manufactured stories about you to get them to comply. That comes with the territory; whether you go the instant declare route or not. All I am offering is a means to expedite the process so that it is a clean, quick break. If you are sufficiently briefed about and exterior to Scientology Inc. culture you will understand that all that is going to happen no matter which way you choose to cut the umbical cord. The relatively painless declare speeds the process so that you don't go through months of drama. I am garlic as far as the vampire in chief (David Miscavige) is concerned. Once some of it rubs off on you - Miscavige and his minions must stay far, far away for fear of being enervated by contact.