Blog: The Reppens Rip on March 13th - 2012-03-13

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F0.png The Reppens Rip on March 13th March 13, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

A fitting post for March 13th. Before L Ron Hubbard wrote LRH Executive Directive (ED) 339R he did some serious research. As many of you know the ED was all about the question of what LRH wanted for his birthday. He answered the question: big, booming Scientology organizations.

He formulated a game for Organizations to play with one another that would encourage them to expand from year to year to achieve that. Part of his research to make this game work included surveying staff across the world about what it was that they most wanted as a reward for achieving the target he had set for them. The answer was overwhelming: to make it up the Bridge to and through the OT Levels. And so, LRH ED 339R was anchored on that reward. It was THE incentive to get org staffs to go the extra mile to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly toward expanding their organizations. The sabotage of that reward was not minor. It was a betrayal that marked the beginning of the end of the LRH Birthday Game. Mike Reppen and his wife Betsy tell in some detail how that sabotage was achieved. Their story parallels what happened to virtually every org that achieved the target of the Birthday game in the 80's and 90's. If you wonder about Miscavige's motives for carrying out this sabotage look no further than HCOB 10 May 1982 OT Levels. - Marty

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