Blog: The Rest of the Story - 2013-07-12

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F0.png The Rest of the Story July 12, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

From the outset we have represented that at Casablanca we are about the practice of repair, remediation, reconciliation, sane and integrated Scientology progress, graduation and transcendence of and beyond the Scientology experience.

We don't solicit 'success stories' at Casablanca. My view is that they have been used in the past as a cult positive reinforcement mechanism. When you audit and coach toward ability – rather than simply release – folks attain abilities through applying what they gain in auditing toward life. To pin someone down to a statement of result after only subjective, contemplative practice in some ways can act to constrain and limit the potential gains. In some cases it can set them up for losses since their immediate seemingly miraculous releases don't seem translatable into abilities in life (in a stat push environment that is often enforced).

We have, however, maintained a book in our guest apartment where visiting former church members – and those new to Scientology - stay when they visit. The book serves the purpose of giving folks a completely voluntary feedback communication line. I have never published words from the book because for the past several years the church of Scientology has run a propaganda operation against anyone who has expressed success or equanimity restored at Casablanca. Since we moved into our new quarters near San Antonio that is not of concern because the church has no means for determining who visits us.